EMF Exposure Monitoring

Experienced EMF levels are recorded throughout your, or a loved one’s, daily travels: Including home, commute, office, school etc.  Areas of concern will be identified.  This knowledge may be important to know about children, pregnant women, and those with Electro Hyper Sensitivities (EHS).  It may also be of interest to anyone wishing to minimize their EMF exposure for health reasons. 

Avoidance strategies can be implemented where indicated and practical.   Where impractical,  attention and awareness of the high level EMF environment may be brought to those having responsibility for the location.  For example, the attention of school administrators might be directed to wireless computer labs that may have very high EMF levels.

  Children’s heads absorb a greater percentage of impinging microwave radiation because their skulls are thinner than an adults.   These waves also penetrate deeper into children’s brains.  This is true even more so of a developing unborn child.  So these groups are at greater risk to the effects of high EMF locations.