Before Purchasing a Lot

This assessment will verify that your proposed building site does not have any difficult to mitigate EMF issues.  Powerlines, both local distribution and long distance transmission, create low frequency electrical and magnetic fields.  The magnetic fields are virtually impossible to effectively mitigate.

High frequency microwave radiation from cell towers, nearby smart meters, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, radio and TV broadcast, radar and other sources has been shown to have detrimental biological effects on humans and other life forms.  This microwave frequency radiation can be mitigated within a home if proper shielding is applied.  Knowledge of these EMF levels is important for the purposes of negotiation, if committed to the site, or for complete avoidance.     

 This assessment will determine the extent of the low frequency electric and magnetic fields, and the microwave radiation load on the property.  Estimates of mitigation costs can be developed prior to purchase and will aid the decision making and bargaining process.  As with other ‘burdens’ on a property, the intent is to understand the EMF burden and negotiate a fair solution between buyer and seller.