Before Buying a Home or Condo

This assessment will verify that the property you are considering purchasing does not have significant EMF issues.  The possibility and costs of mitigating the EMF issues will be determined.  Knowledge gained in this assessment will help you avoid an EMF burdened property or clarify and perhaps strengthen your negotiating position.

 Long Distance transmission and local distribution powerlines create low frequency magnetic fields that are virtually impossible to shield against.  Within the home, wiring errors can also create low frequency magnetic fields that take some detective work to locate and fix.  

Electric cables in the walls create low frequency electric fields that extend into the room and are particularly problematic if located in the walls against the bed head.  Many hours are spent with our heads in these electric fields near these walls as we attempt to sleep and rejuvenate our bodies.  Sometimes these fields can be mitigated quite easily.

High frequency microwave radiation has been shown to have detrimental biological effects on humans and other life forms.  Nearby cell towers, neighbor’s smart meters and wireless networks, radio and TV broadcast, and radar are some of the sources of this microwave radiation that may be present at unacceptable levels.

The  low frequency electromagnetic fields and high frequency microwave radiation load will be assessed on this property with particularly close inspection of the bedroom environment.  Mitigation strategies and estimates will be given.  As with other ‘burdens’ on a property, the intent is to understand the burden and negotiate a fair solution between buyer and seller.

Note for those purchasing condos:  The close spacing of units increases the chances of EMF issues that involve others and are thus more difficult to address.  There will generally be a larger number of wireless networks and smart meters affecting you, and they will be nearer to you and thus have stronger signals.  A bank of smart meters located nearby may pose additional EMF loading.

In addition, the electromagnetic fields generated by wiring for other units that happens to run by or through your condo may be problematic to shield.  While electric fields from these circuits may be mitigated with shielding paint, magnetic fields due to net current wiring errors may require the authority of your Home Owner’s Association to track down and eliminate.