EMF Cell Phone Hygiene

Basic strategies to reduce EMF load from Cell Phones

  • Keep cell phone in airplane mode, then check it at various periods for messages, responding and then returning to airplane mode.  This will greatly limit your EMF exposure, but it will also limit your availability – or turnaround time. 
  • Wait till your cellphone has good signal reception to make a call.  If a cell tower is far away and providing a low signal, your cell phone will have to boost its power to deliver your call to the cell tower
  • Hold the phone away from you when dialing to avoid high output signal strength on call set-up.
  • Don’t use you cellphone in enclosed areas like cars, busses, trains, planes, elevators.  These are often enclosed by metal which reflects the signals back and also reduce the cell tower signal strength, causing your phone to boost its power.
  • The smart phones (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) produce higher EMF levels, so especially limit their use.
  • Keep distance from your phone when downloading movies, then watch them while in airplane mode.
  • Limit the time spent on calls and maximize your distance from the phone when talking.  Only hold the phone near your head when absolutely necessary to hear. Offer to call back when in more suitable conditions.
  • Put it in airplane mode when carrying it next to your body, in pockets or purse.
  • Keep cellphones far away from children, never hold next to their head.
  • Text instead of calling.
  • When calling use speaker phone, or headset.  Do not use Bluetooth earbuds. Set phone down as far as practical with headset or speaker on.
  • Do not sleep with cellphone near your head.  If possible keep it out of your bedroom when sleeping.
  • Use a landline over a cellphone whenever possible.