Basic strategies to reduce EMF load in your home.

(Listed under each section from easy to hardest to comply with.)

Common Internal Sources of EMF

WiFi – Microwave Source

  • Turn WiFi Router off at night when not in use.
  • If router is in bedroom or close to work area, try to relocate farther away.
  • If unable to relocate, put aluminum foil lined box over router.
  • Turn signal power setting of WiFi router to minimum necessary
  • Migrate to a wired Ethernet cable system eliminating wireless

Smart Meter – Microwave Source

  • Locate Smart meter, usually on outside wall of homes and condos.
  • Note areas internal to meter and minimize time spent in these areas.
  • Contact electric company and request to opt out of Smart Meter program.
  • Other forms of shielding possible, but meters needed to make sure situation is not aggravated.

Bluetooth and other wireless components – Microwave Source

  • Turn off all Bluetooth components when not in use.
  • Where possible set all signal strengths to the minimum needed to maintain functionality.
  • Migrate to corded/wired components
  • Determine need for Bluetooth system and eliminate if cost-to-benefit ratio is unfavorable.

Smart Appliances – Microwave Source

  • Determine from Owner’s manual how to disable wireless signal from appliance.
  • Source “dumb” appliances that are less toxic and not surveillance capable.
  • In this case “Smart” really = “Dumb”. ( Orwellian Newspeak in action.)

Microwave Oven – Microwave Source

  • Walk to another room while microwave is running.
  • Do not look into microwave’s window to see what is happening!
  • Replace microwave with convection/toaster ovens.

Wiring Errors/problems – Magnetic Field Source

Internal wiring that works perfectly may still be producing magnetic fields if a net current is present.

  • Detection requires a Gauss meter.
  • Isolation generally requires and EMF Environmental Consultant
  • Correction generally requires an electrician.

Electrical Wiring in walls and Electrical Cords to lights alarm clocks etc.– Electric Fields Source

  • Keep electric cords away from head of bed and other areas of high occupancy.
  • Use battery powered alarm clock near head of bed instead of 120 V alarm clock.
  • Keep power strips under desk, or near any chairs, away from feet.
  • EMF consultant may be needed to determine electric field strength and coupling with bed frame and sleeper. From this information strategies can be implemented to reduce electric fields in sleeping area.

Switch Mode Power Supply – Point Source of Electric and Magnetic Fields

  • Note: These fields drop off quickly with distance.
  • Keep at least 3-5 feet away from these small transformers, often used to charge electronic devices, batteries, etc.
  • Especially be mindful of power strips that may contain many of these transformers, and be hidden where feet are often placed.

External Sources of EMF

Cell Towers, Radar, Neighborhood Smart Meter Grid, Antennas of all types – Microwave Source

  • Can be detected by inexpensive meters.
  • Generally requires more knowledge and more expensive meters to identify and isolate.
  • Requires EMF consultant and some combination of shielding paint, mesh or fabric to mitigate.

Power Lines – Magnetic and Electric field sources

  • Magnetic fields are difficult to mitigate when generated by sources outside one’s control.
  • Electric fields can be interrupted by grounded shielding.
  • Generally requires EMF consultant to mitigate electric fields.

Electrical Service Issues in neighboring houses – Magnetic Field Source

  • Certain issues in neighboring houses may cause stray currents in your house resulting in magnetic fields.
  • Generally requires EMF consultant to isolate and mitigate.