Terry Hassler is the founder of EMF Care, LLC, a company dedicated to minimizing our client’s short term symptoms and long-term degradation of health, caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Personal Concern and Motivation:

When I learned that we could improve our health and avoid disease by minimizing and distancing ourselves from electromagnetic waves, I realized that this was an area where I could help others as well as myself. My background in engineering, telecommunications and as a medical technologist gave me the perfect background for being a contributor in the field of EMF health, not just a benefactor.

I was astounded to discover not only that many people were already suffering from real-time effects of EMFs, but also that a large body of peer reviewed medical literature exists implicating EMF radiation in many adverse health conditions. These conditions include ADHD, autism, asthma, cancers, tumors, infertility and neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and Dementia.

Recent research is gaining a greater understanding into the mechanisms of these diseases. Mechanisms have been identified such as cell stressing, opening of the blood brain barrier, free radical generation via dysregulation of voltage gated pathways, and interference with inter cellular signaling.


The potential improvements to health to be gained by safer use and design of this technology inspired me to found EMF-Care, LLC. Its mission is to:

  • Understand our client’s specific EMF situation, whether they are electro-hypersensitive with current symptoms they want to reduce, or are interested in proactively avoiding symptoms and longer-term degradation to health caused by electromagnetic fields and radiation.
  • Assess the EMF radiation environment in our client’s home or business.
  • Develop and implement mitigation strategies to eliminate or reduce EMF radiation, with a special focus on the regenerative sleep environment and home-office areas. These strategies range from adopting simple, no-cost EMF mitigating habits; to migrating away from wireless use; to installation of EMF barriers to protect from an external source.
  • Educate the general public on EMF issues, and request government and industry acknowledgement and responsibility with regard to public EMF safety.

A Background Designed to Serve You in Depth:

I have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Master of Science in Telecommunications, an MBA and 18 years of experience in engineering. I also received an Applied Associates of Science in Electro-neurodiagnostic Technology (measuring nerve signals) and worked in a Hospital Sleep Lab for seven years.

EMF Training:

  • Certified as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) by the International Institute of Building-Biology and Ecology. Now in its 31st year, this organization’s mission is to help create healthy homes, schools, and workplaces, free of toxins in the indoor air and tap-water, and electromagnetic pollutants.
  • Certified by EMF-Experts, well respected worldwide as a leading trainer of Certified EMF Consultants and Service Providers.
  • Completed the EMF training offered by the Geovital Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine. They are originally an Austrian based natural health clinic and have specialized in radiation-free living for over 35 years. Geovital has developed high quality protocols, instruments and solutions to assess and reduce EMF radiation generated internally and externally to homes and businesses.

Services Provided:

  • Pre-Purchase or Pre-Rental Assessments of Land, Condo, Home, Business
  • Design and Construction Consultation for proactive EMF Reduction
  • Assessments & Mitigation of Currently Owned/Rented Land, Condo, Home, Business
  • EMF Exposure Monitoring: Day long, everywhere you travel, logging of your EMF exposure

My background in engineering, telecommunications and the medical field gives me the foundation needed to understand and assess EMF radiation issues and their resolution. I look forward to understanding your situation and assisting you in making your house a healthier home.

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